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The biggest of Broome attractions has to be the pristine white sands of Cable Beach. But there is so much more to the Pearl of North West Australia including Broome Events or the Kimberley Rodeos.

Camels at sunset, Cable Beach

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Here, you can witness the Staircase to the Moon, catch a movie at the world’s oldest outdoor cinema, or check out the oldest of all Broome attractions – 130 million year-old dinosaur footprints. And don’t miss the opportunity to shop for the best pearls in the world and relax at the end of the day with a cool locally-crafted beer. Broome promises to reward you with a holiday experience like no other.

Broome is the multicultural hub of the Kimberley, one with a rich connection to cultures from the east and west. It is the gateway to an ancient and striking landscape whilst possessing an intricately woven history that began and continues with the Yawuru people as the custodians of this land. Once a quiet sleepy outpost where you were hard pressed to find a sane person roaming the streets in the wet season, more and more people have found their home in the red dirt; setting down roots to last for generations to come.

It is in the spirit of the rich history and the tales in the making that Broome comes alive throughout the year to celebrate the lifestyle, the people and the culture.

Events occurring prior to Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft & Country Music Showcase include the Broome thoroughbred horse racing season held at the Broome Turf Club and Shinju Matsuri Festival of the Pearl, held at various venues around town.

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The life of Rodeo and Campdrafting in the Kimberley is older than living memory would lead you to believe.

The Kimberley Rodeo Circuit is one of the toughest in the country, like the brilliant but harsh landscape, it is a stark contrast to the air conditioned luxury of a modern existence. The Northern Run to Saltwater Country extends from Kununurra & Halls Creek in the east to Fitzroy, Derby & Broome in the West.

Like many others across the country these events are held together by the glue that is a hard working committee and a supportive community. We strongly encourage you to experience the Kimberley Rodeos for yourself; take your time, make the journey to the North West and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Traditionally the Kimberley Rodeo & Campdraft Circuit consists of events held in May and August, this will now culminate in Rhythm & Ride Rodeo, Campdraft & Country Music Showcase in September. For up to date information please contact the committees directly or make contact through their affiliated associations.

Broome Rodeo Club Inc.
e: [email protected]

Fitzroy Crossing Rodeo Association
f: 08 9191 5385
e: [email protected]
e: [email protected]

Derby Rodeo Association

Halls Creek Rodeo
p: (08) 9168 8901

Kununurra Bushman’s Rodeo Association
m: 0407 344 399
p: 08 9168 7369
e: [email protected]