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To be a member of Saltwater Country Inc. is to celebrate the Rodeo and Campdrafting way of life. To recognise the blood, sweat and tears that have gone before; to dust yourself off and jump back on. To simply understand the unspoken reason why people travel thousands of kilometres, hundreds of hours, countless minutes… all for the perfect ride. To appreciate the unspoken language between horse and rider and the trust required by both to beat the clock time and time again.

Saltwater Country Inc. members will help grow a grass roots organisation and celebrate our way of life. Future opportunities range from getting down and dirty as competitors at Rhythm & Ride: Rodeo, Campdraft & Country Music Showcase to being prettied up for the Saltwater Pearl Gala. Being a member is also to know that with the sweet salty breeze comes the opportunity to affect positive change in the community by being inclusive rather than divisive, rejoicing in our similarities as well as our differences. Members will be looked after with true Saltwater Country hospitality and can look forward to enjoying a range of benefits not offered to the general public. Future Saltwater Country Inc. opportunities will also include eligibility to become Saltwater Country Team members.

Whether you are joining to becoming a competitor, a volunteer or a spectator you can do so with the knowledge that your membership will help grow an organisation committed to respecting Yawuru land, culture & people, celebrating the country way of life, reveling in the sense of community, building positive partnerships, increasing public awareness of key social issues and affecting positive change through strategic alliances and programs.

To join us is to start an adventure with endless possibilities.

For further details on membership benefits contact us.