Broome Town


Built on the back of the pearling industry and with a long history with the pastoral industry, Broome as had a diverse history. It is a town that was living and breathing multiculturalism well before the rest of the country. To this day Broome prides itself in it’s diverse history with many locals having ancestral ties as far as Europe and throughout Asia.

Often referred to as the pearl of North West Australia, Broome is WA’s (Western Australia) coastal gateway to the magnificent wilderness region of the Kimberley. It’s also home to the world-famous white sands of Cable Beach, making it one of the State’s most popular holiday resorts.



Total Area

54,796 sq kms


2200 kms from Perth, in the Kimberley Region of North Western Australia,


Broome has a tropical climate with monsoonal rains in the wet season and sweet sunshine accompanied by endless blue skies in the summer.

Broome Time

A colloquial term that speaks to the laid back tropical way of life. Where people don’t run to the phone, don’t panic at the sight of a clock hand moving a little too fast. In fact those that travel on Broome time are unlikely to have a watch or clock in sight and if they do, very little attention is paid to it. Whilst visiting make sure you relax and enjoy Broome time while it lasts


Broome’s core industries are tourism, pearling, fishing, aquaculture, pastoral, horticulture.

Broome , WA

Background Image: Cable Beach, Broome
Photo supplied by Tourism Western Australia