Pia Nock is an innovative change maker with a creative soul and strong ambition to  create positive social change in Broome. She has a strong commitment to serving others as evidenced by her years of experience working in the service industries and her ability to identify and build community driven initiatives. One such initiative is the local Craftschool Program,  a low cost, kid led, weekly craft based program with an emphasis on sustainability, consumption and the creative process.

In her daily life Pia is a Community Development Practitioner with years of experience engaging with the community through her work with the Australian Red Cross. In this role she is responsible for engaging with individuals, families and communities to develop and manage activities and programs that meet community needs and contribute to positive, sustainable outcomes for the community. It is here that she has strengthened her skills in recruiting, managing and supporting Kimberley volunteers and for identifying and supporting opportunities for volunteers to contribute to a wide range of Kimberley activities.

This experience is invaluable as she undertakes her role as Volunteer Specialist at Saltwater Country Inc, where she is the key driver behind matching the right volunteer experience with the right volunteer. Saltwater Country Inc. values our volunteers and believe that Pia is the perfect person to identify and support new and existing volunteers as Saltwater Country Inc. grows.