Leith Barnes is a Jabirr Jabirr man, based in Broome with his young family. He possesses a life long connection to the land and the Kimberley Region. For many years Leith has worked the land in various roles within the pastoral industry, in some of the most remote areas of the Country.

In recent years Leith developed Wirra Wirra, a local fencing company with his older brother. A family business to the end, Wirra Wirra employs a number of family members at different levels of the business, many of whom travel throughout the Kimberley and Pilbara to work. The flexibility of being in a family business also enables Leith and his brothers to do what they love, travel the country competing in Rodeo. A man who was born and raised on a horse, Leith has come to learn all aspects of the Rodeo business taking part as a bull rider, pickup man and now stock contractor. Leith and his brothers own Gary Barnes Stock Contracting, which supplies professional bulls to rodeos across Western Australia.

In 2015 Leith was an integral member of the team that managed the highly successful, first all indigenous run rodeo in Broome, Rodeo Express. Along with his uncle Ronald Wade Snr., and brothers he ran the rodeo aspects of the event. It is a dream of Leiths’ to work in the sport of Rodeo full time, with Gary Barnes Stock Contracting and Rodeo Express being just the beginning. His knowledge of the sport and way of life as well as commitment and energy are invaluable to Saltwater Country Inc.