Cara Peek is a Yawuru/Bunuba woman and founder of Saltwater Country Inc. A lawyer by profession, having worked primarily in Native Title Law, Cara now focuses her skills as a community relations practitioner as co-founder and executive director of Yum Yum & Delicious Pty Ltd. She has worked in regional communities in Australia, Canada and the USA, specializing in stakeholder liaison and engagement, relationship management, corporate social responsibility, program development & project management. Cara is an active member of her community, currently Deputy Chairperson of Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd and a director for Nagula Jarndu Yawuru.

Cara’s project vision and direct management experience place her well to lead this groundbreaking organization from the red dirt into a sustainable future. Her creativity coupled with her corporate and community relations experience will ensure that Saltwater Country Inc. and its associated events are managed in line with its key objectives focusing on positive social outcomes.

Cara understands the significance of providing the opportunity for community involvement in order to foster sustainable outcomes. In doing so she is experienced in developing on-ground strategies and approaches utilized by frontline team members, thereby creating a safe and mutually respectful working culture. She possesses a unique perspective from both a community and corporate standpoint on the importance of working with the community and leveraging competing agendas to achieve mutually beneficial goals. It is with these skills in mind that she hopes to lead Saltwater Country Inc. in delivering long-lasting self-determined positive change in Broome & the wider Kimberley region through the sport of Rodeo & Campdrafting.